The Universe Is Telling You Something…

So much universe…

My friend Bre said to me, “Why is this all happening to me at once?” In her case, it was because the universe was reminding her of her importance, her presence, her beauty, her booty. I’m not in charge, and I certainly can’t predict the future, but I stand firm in it’s ability to remind a person of their power, their importance, their strength, and even their weaknesses. The boys are texting and calling you because you’re beautiful, the A’s are because you’re smart, and it’s such a pleasure to watch. The universe is telling you something, and I hope you’re listening.

But it isn’t always so kind, the universe I mean. It can be incredibly savage, and not in a good way…like when your grandpa dies, or your parent’s get divorced, or your dad goes to prison, or it all happens at once. Isn’t it beautiful, though? That moment of sheer fear and incredible sadness, it’s amazing, because without it we would never be reminded of the strength that is buried deep inside us. We all run out of gas, and if you’re anything like me, it usually happens on the side of a busy highway, or maybe for you it’s metaphorical. Maybe you literally can’t find it in you to care anymore and you’re ready to throw in the towel. Stay on the treadmill because I promise the Twinkie isn’t worth it, keep writing the paper because you’ll regret the F, hold his hand because you’ll be sad if you don’t, and say the words you’ve been choking on for so long because it’s these little decisions that allow the control that you’ve been begging for all this time. When it rains, it pours. Instead of throwing your hands up and sitting in the puddle collecting below you, maybe you should turn on the headlights, crank up the radio, and let the raindrops hit you. Who doesn’t love to dance in the rain, especially on the side of a highway?

It rocks your confidence, doesn’t it? The bad test score, the failed relationship, the text he didn’t reply to, the never ending anxious thoughts filling your mind with fallacies. It’s all a test of strength, not an indication of failure, and I’ve been there…holy shit, I’ve been there. I don’t think I will ever be good at it…I don’t think I’ll ever be good at battling the savage-ness of this incredibly complex universe, but maybe that’s point. Maybe we aren’t supposed to battle it but instead take the incredibly dim light shining in the shadowed, dark corner and light it on fire. A light shines at it’s brightest when it is casted in the murkiness of life.

Human nature…ain’t it a bitch? The reaction to one criticism completely tarnishes almost any compliment, the 97 percent isn’t a 100 percent, the perfect night just wasn’t long enough, he’s perfect but it’s just not there, and the coffee isn’t quite strong enough. You convince yourself that you can do better, you think you know what is best, and you convince yourself you know what is coming next. The universe is trying tell you something: Perfection is an impossible destination. Life doesn’t take a straight line, it is bent and bruised and complicated and annoying, and not a single one of us hasn’t experienced this pleasurable pattern…not even Kim Kardashian and her seemingly perfect life. With a track record like that, how can anyone expect to be perfect? It isn’t the coffee’s fault you stayed up too late, he isn’t perfect for you, the night ended just when it was supposed to, criticism is a good thing, and if a 97 percent isn’t good enough, then you need to fail more often. The universe is teaching you, that despite your ability to convince yourself otherwise, you are enough.

But then the universe has a staggering way of reminding us of the breathtaking, advantageous, and ebullient moments that we forget about when life takes us on it’s rollercoaster ride. Your suntan after a day at the beach, a sexy paycheck after two weeks of being overworked, a sunset over the Flatirons, an ass-grab in your best jeans, the outburst of laughter after a funny joke, or even just a killer cup of coffee after a thorough night of sleep. These moments are so much sweeter once you realize that what you used to think was impossible was nothing more than a test of perseverance. The universe is trying to tell you something: Life is so damn good. Don’t get stuck, don’t overlook these contentments, because what you’re doing right now is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Maybe you hate it, maybe it sucks, but nothing good ever happened without any struggle. Happiness is almost always a result of timing, hard work, and a little faith. After all, the world is going to continue to spin whether you like it or not, so just roll with it baby.

So, Bre asked me why this is all happening at once, and the answer is because it’s supposed to. She is supposed to be reminded of her importance, her presence, her beauty, and her booty, especially because it’s true. It’s all happening at once because you can handle it, because you’re going to make it through the day with or without a coffee, and because failing isn’t a consequence, it’s a reminder. Life is so good, and it’s so much more fun when you can look back and think, “I did it,” instead of all that could’ve, should’ve, would’ve crap that becomes so familiar when we overlook or we get stuck. After all, the universe is trying to tell you something: Keep going, you’re doing great.

…And so little time. 

Inspiration for post: Bre Jones, life is good, “because it’s supposed to”

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